Cash Price List

Urgent Care

Abscess Drainage $125.00

Laceration (cuts) Less than 3 cm $150.00 More than 3 cm $250.00

Fracture Care

Ortho Glass Splint $75.00

Arm Sling $10.00

Ace Wrap $6.00

Wellness & Physicals

Office Visit (new) $85.00

Office Visit (subsequent) $75.00

Annual Physical Exam for Men $250.00
Includes Complete Blood Works

Annual Physical Exam for Women $250.00
Includes Complete Blood Works, Physician’s Exam
(Additional for Pap smear) $75

IV Fluids $150.00

Diagnostic Tests

Influenza Screen $50.00

Strep Screen $25.00

Pregnancy Test $35.00

Glucose Finger Test $25.00

EKG $75.00

Injections $50.00 (prices vary with drug)

Ear Wax removal $75.00

Nebulizer Treatment $50.00

Urinalysis $25.00

Note: Office visit charges are added to all diagnostic tests and procedures performed.

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